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At Past Perfect we are driven by a passion for vintage memorabilia from the 40's and 50's, including Coke machines, jukeboxes, pinball machines and classic cars. We have the heart and soul to feel the memories in each piece we restore, and the brains and brawn to recreate their beauty and functionality. We look forward to sharing this magic with you.


1947 Seeburg 147 Jukebox

1947 SeeburgCommonly known as the Trashcan Juke Box, this refurbished unit has new lights, wiring, exterior plastics and needle, and it has been thoroughly cleaned the Tuned up the Amp and selector. Originally purchased by a local business, this machine has been in private use for the last 20 years. It plays 20 of your favorite 45s and you can change records at anytime - it can also be converted to 78s. Great sound, great looks.



Vendo 81b Coke Machine

Vendo 81bPlays 78 records, but can be converted to 45’s, holds 23 and plays 46 songs. The amplifier has been rebuilt, the case has been cleaned and the chrome re-plated, looks good and sounds great! She can help set to the mood for any event she will warm up any room with her sound and color. She is 100% complete and plays like a dream on coins or free play.





1977 Keno Slot Machine

1977 kenoRecently refurbished, including a new monitor, this machine looks and plays like new. It plays 1 to 4 nickles and the payouts are by the odds (just like real Keno).  Great for parties, playrooms or around the bar. Lots of fun for the whole family.






1965 Ford Mustang Convertible

1965 mustang This 289 V-8 with a standard transmission - 3 speed on the floor has a red with white top and white interior.  Restored about 18 years ago and then put into storage until now.  This car is a real gem and very clean.
Recent restoration work includes new tires, rear brakes, wheel cylinders, fuel system, battery, muffler and tail pipe, hoses as needed, water pump, and cooling system. Interior and convertible top are new. All the rubbers are still soft and look great.

There is a small chip on the right fender and a small chip on the right quarter panel. Chrome is in pretty good shape with some minor pitting and is all original. *

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